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Stage Tutor Vocal Coach Lucy Hunter James Dubai London UK
Stage Tutor Vocal Coach Lucy Hunter James Dubai London UK
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Step into the spotlight with Lucy Hunter James, a renowned leading lady of the stage whose illustrious career has graced more than 85 countries and garnered acclaim from top producers and directors worldwide.

Unlock your full potential with Lucy's tailored one-on-one and group tuition in acting, singing, and performance coaching. From beginners to seasoned performers, Lucy offers a wealth of expertise to nurture your talent and elevate your skills. 


Lessons take place in person or via zoom based on your location.

Are you preparing for a drama school audition, gearing up for musical theatre college, passionate about getting a lead role in your school play, expanding your repertoire, perfecting monologues,, aiming for success in LAMDA or Trinity exams? Lucy's comprehensive services have you covered:

  • Audition Preparation: Fine-tune your audition pieces for that crucial first impression.

  • Acting Through Song: Master the art of storytelling through song.

  • Repertoire: Build a diverse and impressive portfolio of pieces.

  • Presentation and Interview Skills: Develop the confidence and finesse to shine in interviews and presentations.

  • Monologue Direction: Receive expert guidance to make your monologues truly compelling.

  • Character Studies: Dive deep into character analysis and development.

  • Musical Theatre Song Classes: Elevate your musicality and performance.

  • Advice and Support: Benefit from Lucy's wisdom and mentorship.

  • And more...

Ready to take your performance to the next level? Whether you're seeking a one-off lesson or looking to secure a spot on Lucy's waiting list, connect with us using the contact form. Unleash your potential and embark on a transformative journey with Lucy Hunter James Stage Tutor.


Your stage awaits.


“Her great training is represented in the many successes her students go on to achieve, and I would reccomend her to anyone who wants to become a better performer.” -Ella Oberg

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